The development of a sustainable business management that includes all the aspects – social, environmental as well as the economic one – is fundamental for a company today, both out of a sense of responsibility towards future generations and towards all the people who live from the company.
The WhatmattersinPulse program includes all the guidelines that Pulse has adopted in order to pursue a sustainable business model. It points out all the things that are really important to us: the responsibility not only to our company as such, but also to our employees and consumers, both from an environmental point of view and in terms of corporate social responsibility.

Our 10-point programfor Sustainability  and Responsibility.


Promote activities and behavior to reduce emissions by creating global environmental awareness inside andoutside the company..



Designing and manufacturing quality, reliable
and long-lasting products with the lowest possible environmental impact during production and use.


Monitoring the supply chain and identifying suppliers that produce quality components while avoiding the exploitation of non-renewable resources, having ethical behavior towards workforce and adopt processes to reduce at minimum waste.


Select and continuously keeping track of logistics and transport providers that work towards an evolution of processes and adopt vehicles in line with policies to reduce emissions.


Establish a corporate culture that promotes and encourages integration and gender equity within the company; support these principles also with customers, suppliers and the entire stakeholder community.


Develop social responsibility activities for giving a helping hand to people who need assistance and on the other hand to protect the environment and territory.


Valuing the daily activities of the people working in Pulse in order to boost a behavior-path which is consistent with the guidelines Whatmatters inPulse.


Define key performance indicators to measure the progress and achievements of the Whatmatters inPulse program..


Develop social responsibility and sustainability programs together with other companies..


Sharing the Whatmatter inPulse guidelines with customers, suppliers, and all stakeholders, through information and awareness-raising initiatives on topics such as social responsibility and sustainability.