Looking ahead in acarefree way.

Looking ahead in a carefree way.

Pulse is the number one operator for point-of-sale automation. That is why, in addition to superior performance systems, we offer a full range of services to support the end user: from pre-sales analysis to after-sales support. The best way to ensure the products perform well and efficiently at all times.

A comprehensive service plan that allows you to free up time and energy by entrusting all aspects of technological updating and maintenance to a partner with proven experience and international know-how.


In addition to the basic product warranty, which can be extended optionally to up to 6 years, a range of additional services can be combined to ensure optimum operational cover at all times.

The NOS.tress warranty allows you to carry out analysis and restoration of non-faulty but worn parts throughout the period.


NOS.tress+ is an after-sales service package that not only repairs devices but also reconditions them.

This takes place after the defective unit has been sent to one of our service centres, where it is repaired and all internal parts overhauled in order to avoid further failure due to normal wear and tear in the short term, i.e. before the warranty expires.


The SWAP service allows customers who have a faulty device covered by a specific warranty to quickly receive a working replacement unit before it is repaired by Orderman Italia’s technical service. The customer’s unit will then be returned once repaired and fully operational.

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