Call system Hello Waiter

The call system that improves service.


Call system Hello Waiter

Hello Waiter is a modern call system that improves both workflow and customer service.

An innovative system that speeds up processes and makes them more efficient. Thanks to Hello Waiter, as soon as dishes and drinks are ready, the service staff is notified through a portable device (pager). In this way, the workflow becomes more practical and faster, customer service and satisfaction are improved, and the reputation of the restaurant is enhanced.

The system operates by means of a control unit that can be easily installed in all areas of the restaurant (counter, kitchen, reception etc.). The control unit independently manages all the devices in the system and coordinates the workflow between the preparation points and the waiting staff, improving timing and service.

In establishments without table service, the convenient take-away pager alerts the customer when they need to collect their order. The same system can be used to manage queues in a delicatessen, supermarket or take-away. With this system the customer in the queue is called when his turn comes, when the table is free or when it is his turn to be served.

Equipped with robust and reliable components, Hello Waiter operates efficiently with a professional radio frequency system, without causing interference with any handhelds in the Orderman or Pulse range.


Hello Waiter: fast and efficient service, satisfied and loyal customers.


Hello Waiter product range

Technical specification

System components: control unit, mapping console, pager, takeaway pager, caller, table locator.
Control unit: waterproof, metal keys, clear LDC graphic display, communicates with 999 devices per installation
Industrial operating frequency 433 MHz
Table-top or wall-mountable
1 year warranty
Ce0700 certified