Hybrid POS PC



The H20 Hybrid POS PC is unique. Fully functional as a compact and attractively designed POS PC, the H20 display can be easily separated from its base for mobile use.

Ideal for restaurants: the orders are taken directly at the table on the POS PC display and sent to the kitchen. It is extremely easy to use

This device is suitable for use in far more places than just restaurants: a 2D reader (optional) is integrated into the removable display, with which 1D/2D codes can be scanned, for example, in clothes shops. The sales staff can accompany shoppers step by step through their customer journey.

Comes in two versions, with an 11.6 or 13.3 inch display. It is adaptable to any need and can be turned 180° to facilitate customer interaction. It can be used to show the order summary in a restaurant or the different colours of a jacket available in a shop, for instance, or also to add a signature to a document directly at the POS.

Functionality, innovation and exclusive design are the hallmarks of this high-performance POS PC, with the latest generation of CPUs placing it at the top of the performance league.

Its extensive range of accessories makes this POS PC complete and suitable for any business that wants to up its game.

And there’s more: the unique ‘premium’ base (optional) allows you to recharge the batteries and, moreover, to connect the necessary peripherals and keep them connected to the POS PC even when you are on the move.

Pulse presents what can finally be described as the first truly mobile POS PC system for the point of sale.

Technical specification

11.6 or 13.3 inch display
Mobility: the display can be removed from the base.
180° rotation
Compact design